Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography

Top brands understand how important lifestyle product photography is in meeting their sales goals. Good photography sells your product and speaks volumes about your company by painting vivid pictures in the eyes of your target consumers.

Lifestyle photos BUILD YOUR BRAND, and that's what sets you apart from the competition. Why is it so important to build your brand? Simple.

Having a strong brand allows you to stand apart from the low end bottom feeder companies that only compete on price. When your company only competes on price, savvy business owners know their companies are in trouble. Why? Companies that compete on price are just racing to the bottom. They don’t build enough profit to sustain growth and fund new product development. Furthermore, those types of bottom feeder companies never build a fanbase that will sustain their sales over time.

This is why IT IS SO CRUCIAL TO BUILD A STRONG BRAND using lifestyle photography to tell captivating stories and engage your target audience with your brand.

I’ve been working with industry leading brands for years, and I’ve also helped many start-ups achieve long term success.

Smart business owners understand that not all content creators are created equal. By working with me, you have the chance to leverage everything I’ve learned in building other strong brands to create a success story for your company.


atmospheric (Product PLACEMENT) IMAGERy

Aside from product photos in studio, most companies also need atmospheric lifestyle photos - showing people using their products in different environments.

These lifestyle photos with “product placement” are used widely for marketing in brochures, tradeshow backdrops, website landing pages, Facebook ads, sponsored Instagram posts, and everything else.

When your company needs professional images that show your products in the best light, I got you covered.

EOSR1786 1800.jpg


Some companies prefer to showcase products with dark, dramatic lighting with a BLACK background to present their products with a high end look.

Others prefer their product listings on Amazon or eBay to utilize light, airy lighting to show off all the surfaces and textures of your product online with a WHITE background.

No matter what you prefer, I've got you covered.

Sometimes short sighted company owners try to "save money" by tasking a salaried employee with shooting their products on white or black backgrounds for Amazon or eBay product listings. Most of the time, this route leads the company to lose sales and brand appeal because their entry level employees who are tasked with this work DO NOT have experience in making their products look their best.



Some marketing projects and editorials require flat-lays of your products, arranged in a pleasing manner that grabs attention.

I got you covered on that, too.



Short documentary style videos or interviews featuring a person, place, whatever… with product placement related to your brand. Here’s a video I produced for FCP Euro featuring Formula Drift competition driver Andy Hateley, and his BMW E30 with LS V8 engine swap.



Promotional videos for your brand, with or without audio/interviews for looping at a tradeshow booth, at your place of business, or social media promotions. Here’s a quick video made for 1888 Rum and Pendry Hotels.